Podcast Production

podcasting made easy

As part of a new redevelopment and modernisation program at the studio, we are excited to now be able to offer professional, state of the art podcasting facilities and post-production services.

You can either come to our studios in Brixton and record in-house or hire out the essentials and record in the comfort of your own designated space.

We supply professional broadcast quality Audio Technica AT2035 microphones. These side-address cardioid studio condenser microphone deliver exceptional detail and low noise. Along with rugged construction these mics are perfect for capturing crisp, detailed speech within a podcasting setting.

Alongside these, we set you up with the RØDEcaster Pro integrated podcasting production console, with 4 XLR inputs and 4 headphone outputs and an eight programmable pad soundboard. With eight banks of eight sounds you have the option for instant triggering of SFX, music, intro/ourtos, or ad rolls, by simply assigning audio from your computer, plus the ability to customise playback mode, colour coding, and more.

The RØDEcaster Pro also has remote guest chat functionality, with Bluetooth or TRS cable you can connect your phone to integrate off-site input from guests. Built in is also a ‘mix minus’ audio option to prevent echo being heard without the need for complicated setup and external hardware.

To accompany this fantastic podcasting equipment our facilities will include the option to stream visually live using Mevo Start Live or Insta360 Pro 2 cameras, professional portable lighting, and green screen as options.

Our podcasting facilities aim to be as simple and user friendly to operate as possible, but if you have any concerns or need for help, we have the option of having one of our experienced audio engineers available for the duration of your session. Our engineers can also assist with post-production and editing of your show.

Interested? Take a look at what is included in our Podcast Production Packages