audio transfer & digital Archiving

Here at Brixton Hill Studios, we can transfer your music collection to the format of your choice. Your entire music collection no longer need collect dust on shelves at home.

You may have a large collection of music just languishing on formats you can no longer conveniently play, Vinyl, Cassette, CD, Open Reel Tape. 

You may have recording sessions on what was the cutting edge technology of the day. However finding studios or using these at home for listening, review or working on them further can be prohibitively expensive. That’s if you can find suitable equipment for playback. 

Some formats can be problematic to preserve making archiving essential for future use. Here at Brixton Hill Studios, our engineers will take your original formats, be it 2” tape, DAT or MiniDisc, transfer the programme material and restore as required to modern digital formats for use with current DAWs and music software.

At Brixton Hill Studios we are able to preserve your music in the most up to date and convenient formats ensuring your music stands the test of time. Be it a retrospective re-release of your back catalogue or consolidating your music collection we can assist you in preserving your musical legacy.

Don’t let your collection succumb to the march of time, contact us today and find out how best we can conserve your music.

Professional, Consumer and Pro-sumer formats transferred:

  • 2” 24 Tracks
  • 1” 8 Track
  • 1/4” 2 Track Stereo
  • Stereo DAT Tape
  • 8 Track ADAT
  • Stereo MiniDisc
  • Compact Cassette
  • CD
  • Vinyl and 78 RPM records.