online mixing, re-amping & re-synthing

The affordability of DAWs, virtual instruments and mics have made it possible for many musicians to record at home. But do you feel like your mixes are still lacking something? Take your music to a higher professional level by passing it to one of our experienced mix engineers. With their know-how, our high-end gear and our top notch mix suite, you can achieve the sonic quality your music deserves.

remote mixing & fixing

There are many benefits to having your tracks undergo a professional mix at Brixton Hill Studios. Primarily, you’ll benefit from the years of practical experience our team bring. Working in an acoustically optimised space with multiple sets of high end monitors, a fantastic selection of new and vintage outboard gear and state of the art plugins, our engineers can get every element of your mix sitting in the right place:

  • Making sure your low end elements work together to express energy and thickness without obscuring each other
  • Adding sheen to the high end without the mix seeming harsh or brittle 
  • Applying EQ and compression to shape a track that’s punchy, full and bright without lacking dynamics and nuance
  • Using your mix references to make your track sit perfectly alongside music of the same genre

Once you have sent us your files, we’ll consult with you about your project before we get to work. With the current Covid restrictions we are recommending that you don’t attend the mixing session in person, but instead set up remote communications online.


Recording a great performance at home is relatively straightforward. However, attaining the highest professional sound quality isn’t always as easy. Guitar recordings exemplify this. Instead of having to opt for the amp and speaker simulation approach, we can offer you an excellent recording through a real, cranked-up valve amp. 

Customise your own setup from our selection of combos, heads and cabs. Request your preferred mics, pre-amps, to compressors and EQ. Want to multi-mic the amp for mix options? Want to split through two amps? No problem! We’ll even record your tracks to our vintage reel to reel tape machines and digitize the results for you if you want!

As you can guess, the combinations are endless so we’d encourage you to discuss what you’re after with us.

Vocals & more...

Of course, this process doesn’t just apply to guitar and bass tracks. Another obvious application is to put vocals through our high-end hardware compressors and EQ units. Or perhaps one of our vintage tape echos?

The limits are really endless. For example, there are techniques for salvaging a poorly recorded snare track by ‘re-amping’ it through a loudspeaker and using ambiance mics to capture a spacious snare sound, free from cymbal bleed.


If you feel that your soft-synth parts lack depth and character then send us the MIDI files and we’ll play them out through one of our vintage synths…

Get lush 80s pads with the Roland Juno 106 or get some squelchy acid on the go with the SH101. Again, these can all be recorded through a signal chain of your choice, from preamp, to compression, to effects.