hourly rate

£25/ per hour

  • 2 x microphone
  • 2 x headphones
  • Rødecaster PRO console
  • micro SD card
  • all set up by staff and ready to go.

gold edit

£75/ edit up to one hour of audio

  • Insert intro and outro music, insert transitions
  • Removal of lip smacks
  • Checkerboarding
  • Insert SFX if requested (no design)
  • cut section of the podcast (timestamps provided by client)

basic edit

£50/ edit up to 1 hour of audio

  • top and tailing
  • cut long pauses
  • cut plosives and clicks (not including lip smacks)
  • cut obvious mistakes
  • set file to correct amplitude, bounce and email file

platinum edit

£100/ edit up to 1 hour of audio

  • removal of ums and ahs (unless detrimental to audio source)
  • reshuffle of podcast sections if necessary (not video*)
  • space FX (reverbs)
  • mix e.g. compression, EQ of individual audio track (different person/different mic)





what’s included

Extra microphone hire



(+ headphones if required)

Mevo Start Live Camera



Includes ethernet adapter

Insta360 Pro 2 Camera



Includes: Far Sight, Extra battery

1x SD card and 6x microSD cards




VILTROX L116T LED Light Panel Camera Studio Light with Stand

Green screen




Audio engineer (per hour)




Sync audio to video recording



Where video includes multiple angles, video editing must be done by client, we will simply sync the audio to video

Music composing (intro outro themes)




Email services


(included in Silver/Gold/Platinum edit)