Loyalty Card Terms and Conditions

BXHS Loyalty Card Scheme 2023/24 Terms & Conditions

1. For the scheme it will be necessary for the customer to sign up to the BXHS Loyal Members mailing list providing their name and email address (please see our privacy policy regarding online data).

2. Subject to availability of loyalty cards, one stamp will be given per full payment of any rehearsal session booked and paid for through Jammed. Present the BXHS Loyalty Card at Brixton Hill Studios with 10 amp logo stamps on the spaces provided to obtain a one time code for 10% off any products or services provided by Brixton Hill Studios. 

  • Services include Rehearsals, Recording (one hour/half day/1 day/2 day), On-Site Hire, Off Site Hire (not including deposit), Digital transfer project, Podcast package. It does not include guitar repair/set up.
  • Products include up to a maximum of £30 worth of  Guitar Strings, Drum sticks, Guitar strap, Tuner, Refreshments (coaster/soft drink/chocolate bar/crisps).

The presentation of the card for stamping is the responsibility of the customer. Only one stamp will be administered per rehearsal, if more than one participating member holds a Loyalty Card then only one card can be nominated to collect a stamp for that booking. Stamps will be backdated to October the 1st for a limited time until 31st December 2023, after that stamps will only be backdated at the discretion of Brixton Hill Studios staff.

3. Participation in the Scheme is scheduled to take place at Brixton Hill Studios from 1 November 2023 to 31 December 2024 (inclusive) subject to availability of loyalty cards and to any extension of the Scheme as determined by Brixton Hill Studios and notified from time to time in these Terms (which Brixton Hill Studios may alter for this purpose).

4. The BXHS Loyalty Card must be valid for the Scheme. This includes a current subscription to the Loyal Members mailing list.

5. BXHS Loyalty Cards hold no monetary value and shall become void for all purposes after the end date for the Scheme.

6. Loyalty Cards cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer and may only be redeemed once. If a 2 or more cards are accumulated to obtain the 10 per cent discount code, then all cards will be terminated following the issue of the code.

7. Brixton Hill Studios may terminate or suspend the Scheme at any time before the due date for termination, in the event that supervening circumstances occur which are beyond reasonable control (including, without limit, where stocks of loyalty cards have been exhausted due to unexpected demand or have become un-useable for any reason). Details of any such termination or suspension shall be posted on the same page as these Terms. In the event of such early termination happening whist Brixton Hill Studios is still trading, customers who have at least one stamp on a Loyalty Card may be given a one time code to the percentage discount of how many stamps are on the card at time of termination.

8. Subject to availability of loyalty cards, once one 10% code has been redeemed, the customer may claim another card and begin collecting stamps.

9. The card will not be redeemed if the customer has an outstanding debt due to Late Cancellation, non-attendance of a rehearsal or recording booking, dispute over off-site hire agreement or has unsubscribed from the Loyalty Card membership list.

10. The Promoter’s decision in the exercise or interpretation of any of its rights or discretions in connection with these Terms shall be final and binding. Brixton Hill Studios may waive or modify any requirement under the Terms where a person might otherwise not qualify for the offer and without implying any obligation to relax that requirement in any other case.

11. Any Loyalty Card which appears in the absolute discretion of a Brixton Hill Studios Staff Member to be photocopied, counterfeit, illegible, stolen or damaged or on which any security device has been tampered with or affected will be invalid for all purposes and will be retained by that restaurant.

12. Brixton Hill Studios retains at all times ownership of BXHS Loyalty Cards.

13. Should a complaint arise in relation to our loyalty program, please contact us via email at hello@brixtonhillstudios.com. We will aim to resolve problems promptly. If we cannot find an instant solution we will let you know how long we expect it to take. Once we have completed our investigations we will let you know our decision, and the reasoning behind it. If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint has been resolved, or indeed the steps we have taken, you may wish to contact a third party dispute resolution scheme. We also welcome feedback directly as we strive to act in your interest and provide great customer service through fair decision making.

14. As noted in section 13, you can contact us via email. If we need to contact you about a matter regarding the BXHS Loyalty Card scheme, we will send emails to the address you provided when you sign up to the scheme.

16. The presentation of a BXHS Loyalty Card for an amp logo stamp amounts to acceptance of these Terms and to their respective interpretation.