recording studio in the heart of south london

professional recording studio, production services and audio transfer for Brixton and beyond

analogue/digital recording 

£300 per day – (discount for 2 or more consecutive days)

£50 per hour – minimum booking 2 hours

About Brixton Hill Recording Studio

Our fully equipped music production facility can record up to 24 inputs. The studios are designed from the ground up to accommodate a huge range of sound recording situations. Each room is set up the way it should be – with all the tools needed for making great records. 

You can make a radio session quality live recording in our live room or a regular multi-track recording with overdubs.

We also offer an 24 & 8-track all analogue recording package. If you need one, we can even provide you with a professional session musician. Each session will come with either an assistant or a house engineer, depending on your needs.

live room

Our large 345 square ft. live room has 10 ft. high ceilings, acoustic treatment designed by Stephen ‘Fritz’ Pickford of eHz Design (Paul Weller, Aphex Twin, Guy Chambers), discreet inflow air-conditioning and includes a beautiful Schubert grand piano. 

With enough room to accommodate a full band and enough tie-lines through to our control room, you can track all of your musicians at once if you want to. Mobile acoustic baffles allow for instruments and amps to be sectioned off and the room can be configured for a spacious drum ambiance or for a tighter, controlled sound.Schubert

control room

Our control room is centred around an Audient ASP8024 HE and an Apogee Symphony I/O MK II 24×24 into Pro Tools and Logic running on a Mac Pro 8 Core.

This high-end, pristine signal path is complimented by a great selection of vintage and modern outboard. Preamps, eq, compression and FXs by API, Midas, Glensound, Calrec, Universal Audio, Bricasti, AMS, Roland, DAV, Warm Audio, AEA, dbx, Vintech, TLA and more.


tech spec


Mac Pro 8 core
Pro Tools 11
Logic Pro 9
3m m79 2″ 24 Track
Studer A80 1″ 8 Track
Studer B62 1/4” Stereo Mastering Machine
Apogee Symphony II 24 in/out
Digidesign 003
Alesis XDAT


Rogers LS 3/7 pwrd by Quad 303s
Unity Audio The Rock MkII
Avantone Mixcube Active (pair)


Audient ASP8024-24 Heritage
API 512C
Vintech 573 Neve Preamp
Midas Mic Preamps x4
Glennsound MX6/3 – BBC designed Neve Spec Pre & EQs
Glennsound BBC Designed EQ & Compressor
Calrec EQs w/Mic Preamps
D.A.V. BG504 Compressors x2
Empirical Labs Distressors EL8X
DBX 163X Compressor x3
DBX 263X De-esser
Lindell 7X-500 Compressor
TL Audio Stereo Preamplifier and Compressor
FMR Audio RNC Stereo Compressor
Drawmer DS201 Dual Gate
LA GX2 Dual Gate
Bricasti M7 Reverb
Roland Space RE-201 Echo
Lexicon MPX1 Reverb
Yamaha SPX90
Roland DEP5
UREI 565 Filter Set


AKG 414 XL II (matched pair)
AEA N8 Active Ribbons (matched pair)
AEA R88 Active Stereo Ribbon
AEA R84 Large Ribbon
Josephson C42 (matched pair)
Beyerdynamic M 201 TG
Sennheiser MD421
Sennheiser MD406
Sennheiser MD408 (multipel)
Electovoice RE20
STC 4021
AKG D112
AKG C3000
Beag MD-14
Sure Beta 57
Sure Beta 58
Sure SM57 x2

As well as recording in our studio, we also offer a number of different services, these can also be accessed remotely if you are unable to get to us.


Our recording session prices are £50 per hour/£300 per day or £550 for two consecutive days. 

Audio Transfer and Remote Mixing prices depend on how much time will be involved so we would need to discuss the workload with you.